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Golf Instruction

Golf lessons are provided by PGA certified coach Kirby Benoit

Kirby grew up in Des Moines and attended Lincoln high school, where he was a member of the golf team. He is very passionate pga_coachabout golf and his desire to teach is arguably the best trait he has. His love and passion for the game started at an early age. His uncle, George Benoit, owned a Titleist company out of Guam and that’s where Kirby’s love for the game came from. George instilled into Kirby that teaching juniors was the most rewarding feeling you could have when instructing the game of golf. The knowledge and wisdom that George gave Kirby has allowed many players to improve their game by his undeniable will to teach. You can see the emotion he puts into instructing and trying to make the player better. Kirby is an instructing coach with the PGA junior league at Jester Park. He joined the program last year and we watched his teaching abilities blossom into something special. Kirby came into the golf business almost 7 years ago and has a strong desire to continue for many years to come.

When it comes to teaching, Kirby believes in a personal development approach. He wants you to improve and develop into a good golfer. He is passionate about players reaching their full potential by creating a learning environment with the tools and equipment needed to become better. Kirby also focuses on the mental approach, course management, and proper practice so that the player can use the instructions learned from the lesson to maintaining improvement their game on their own. Every student has a different swing which makes every lesson unique for Kirby to analyze and enjoy the challenge every lesson provides.

If you’re interested in scheduling a lesson, click the button below. Indoor lessons will be at Waveland. Outdoor lessons will be at either Jester Park or A.H. Blank. If you would like to talk or need more information, please contact Kirby by phone at 515-248-6302 / 515-669-9951 or email at Kirby is excited to be our golf instructor and he can’t wait to help you all enjoy the game he loves a little more.

For further information or to book a lesson please CLICK HERE