The 2018 Jester Park Men’s Club functions similar to the Men’s Club in the past. Our traditional “sign-up” banquet will be held at the Granger Community Center on April 19th (with food and MAYBE a raffle) and the first week of play will be April 26th. John Webb is the Events Chairman for 2018, making the events and payouts similar to 2017. Wayne Halbur will began the year as President, with future officers to be determined.


Any merchandise winnings from the League can be used for ANYTHING at the Jester Park Golf Course for 2018. This includes clothing, equipment, green fees, food, beverages, cart fees, etc.


To help alleviate late starters being unable to to finish on the short days in May, it has been suggested to split our play to half of our players on each nine, each week, similar to Waveland’s process. The cart fleet has been converted to all-electric carts with a GPS unit installed, providing you with the pleasure of knowing the exact distance between the point of the ball to all hazards and to the flag. The system also allows you to page the beverage cart from your own cart.¬†on the carts.