MEN’S LEAGUE – MATCH PLAY    Limited Spots Available – 30 Teams

          When:  Tuesday @ 5:30 pm Shotgun Start 


          Starting Date:  May 9, 2023 


          Finish Date:  August 22, 2023

          Format:  Two Person Teams with up to 3 alternates (Alternates do not pay $50.00 entry fee)

          League Information:  Every Tuesday you and your partner will play 9 holes match play format against another two person team. 

                                                The league is Handicapped to ensure a level playing field for all competitors.  Each week players will complete

                                                for 3 points (1 point each individual match and 1 point team total).  Points will accumulate

                                                throughout the season and reflect the seeding of the bracket style season ending tournament.  Play will be

                                                from the Gray Tees.


          Registration Fee:  $50.00 ($100.00 team total). 

          Payment Information:  Check:  Payable to Jester Park Golf Course 

                                                   Credit / Debit Card:  Please call Proshop or stop out to process


                                                   Address:  Jester Park Golf Course  11949 NW 118th Ave Granger, Iowa 50109  515-999-2903


Match Play: So what then is match play? Match play is a hole-by-hole game where the lowest score wins the hole. If I shoot a five, and you shoot an eight, then in medal play I should gain three strokes. However, in match play I only win one point (no matter how many strokes better I played the hole). If the players tie the hole, it is ‘halved’ (no one wins a point). Once we are finished the golfer with the most points wins.